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Street Challenge

The best in online drag racing simulators......


Street Challenge is nowhere close to a complicated game. It is simple to control, you use the mouse for throttle and the "A" and "Z" keys for shifting. The only time that this game is complicated is when you are making ratios for the given car. The graphics for this game are excellent(keep in mind this is an online game). Street Challenge has a choice of 41 cars and trucks combined. When you start the game you are given a car. The car you are given is your choice, but it isnt going to be the best car in the game. You race for points. You earn the points by either practice at the track, where you get a maximum of 800 points per run. You can also earn points by racing other members for whatever amount you desire(as long as you have that amount in your bank). There are 3 membership classes: Bronze(FREE), Silver(you gotta pay for it), and Gold(also have to pay for it). This game also has links within itself to a few different chatrooms, it also has its own Instant Messaging system. You can sell used parts and cars, and buy them from the used parts/cars lot. All in all its a great game to waste your time online on.

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