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Hints and Tips

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Hints and Tips for STREET CHALLENGE

1)There is no difference between Supercharger and Turbocharger, except that turbocharger is easier to make ratios for.
2)After you get all of your suspension mods(most come with your first car) to get an easy .500 reaction time(perfect) when you are staging your car(pulling forward to set the tree) stop your car at the very back of the darker green area to the left of your screen. When the third light comes up(good timing will be right as it comes on) shift up from neutral. This will give you the r/t and points you have been looking for.
3) Before you do any racing give your car full throttle and look at where your tachometer is. Keep that number in mind, because it is 9 times out of 10 your best shift point(when you change from one gear to the next).

My ratio write-up is based on using actual gear ratio calculation. Which is done by dividing the final drive ratio by the gear ratio which in ratio form will look like 3:1. The 3 represents your final drive ratio and how many times it turns compared to your drive gear. 3:1 means the final will turn 3 times when the drive gear turns once. After you have purchased your adjustable gearbox from the parts store or used parts lot go to your garage and select the car you want to tune. Click on adjust gear ratios. Now depending on the car you are tuning you will want to set your 1st gear and final drive ratio relatively close. You might want to make your 1st gear a bit smaller than your final. You might try to get a 1.5:1 ratio for 1st gear. Which is if you have a 3.23 final drive ratio you would make your first gear 2.153. you will also want to play around with these numbers before you attempt gears 2 through 5or6. To get the most out of your first and final, set your final first around 3 for example. Then put in a 1st gear number that would make your actual ratio between 1.3:1 to 1.8:1. Go to the track  and test it, if it loses traction(spins) go back to the garage and lower your 1st gear ratio by .05 at a time. Test at the track each time you change it by .05 to see if you have stopped spinning. It will take you a long time to get your ratios right when you first start out. After you have gotten your 1st and final ratios set to where you dont spin and still get above 50mph before redline. You will begin setting the rest of your gears. You will need to make all of you gears sequential, meaning they are close ratios ie: 1st=2.15, 2nd=1.7, 3rd=1.3, 4th=1.2, 5th=1.1. Each gear you would decrease the value of the gear. After you have set in a sequential order of gearing you need to take the car to the track. Keep a close eye on your guages while testing your ratios. You dont have to steer so dont watch the track. Look to see if you are reaching the next gear too fast(depends on the car), lower the value of that one gear and check each gear after that. If a gear is too long(takes entirely too long to reach redline) increase the value of that gear and each gear after that. If you are hitting the rev limiter before you cross the finish line then lower your last gear(4th,5th, or 6th) little by little until you are reaching the finish line right as you catch the rev limiter. If this write-up confused you, or you have a question about it contact me via the email address attached to your mouse pointer.


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This perfect reaction time(r/t) image courtesy of the_klepto